Naming Opportunities

The Campaign for Literacy and Transformation will reimagine the Highwood Public Library as the Highwood Public Library and Community Center (HPLCC) to function as an innovative and collaborative community anchor. In addition to being able to offer state-of-the-art library services, the HPLCC will sustain an inclusive and empowered community with a space to realize their aspirations and achieve their literacy goals. 

To leave a lasting legacy on our library, we are offering the following list of available naming opportunities. Your pledge to support our mission will empower and embrace a community in a sustainable and transformative way

05 Adult Room Perspective.jpg

$500,000 [2 Available]

Community Center: 

The Campaign for Literacy and Transformation helps to expand the identity of the Library to function as a community and literacy center. To reflect this expansion, the Highwood Public Library will become the Highwood Public Library and [Your Name Here] Community Center. The significance of our name will define the community’s perception of the power of partnership and investment in community development. 


Community Room: 

A dynamic and flexible gathering space for community organizations and groups to host educational, civic, cultural, and public information events. Large groups of up to 140 people can be accommodated with a variety of custom room set-ups and presentation-ready tech. This space will be the heart of the library and its community. 

$250,000 [3 Available]

Early Learning Center: 

An interactive and engaging space that invites and excites our youngest visitors through experiential learning and play. Holistic educational activities will be readily available in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and personal wellbeing.


Young Adult Learning Center: 

Collaborative work areas will be featured in a colorful and supportive learning environment that encourages the emotional, social, and intellectual development of teens. STEM learning and college and career readiness will frame the developmentally appropriate programming presented in this space. 

Adult Learning Center: 

A community anchor equipped to deliver needed programs and services for adults in a space accessible to all. The space will also function as the main entry for the Library, welcoming everyone, and setting the tone for a 21st century library experience. 

$150,000 [3 Available]


A spacious patio for relaxed outdoor lounging and innovative programming, including concerts, open-air storytimes, and outdoor games. 


A new vestibule greets patrons and offers protection from inclement weather. Automatic entry doors improve accessibility and facilitate access for families with strollers and young children. 


Computer Lab: 

Computer classroom, seating eight learners at individual workstations, allowing patrons to participate in digital literacy classes, group training, robotics, and other technology programs. 


$100,000 [3 Available]

Children’s Theater: (no longer available) 

Dedicated performance stage creating an engaging theater for storytimes, puppet shows, programmer presentations, and everyday children’s play.


Exhibit space: 

At the entrance to the Children’s section and its intersection with the Adult and Young Adult sections, a museum-quality exhibit area will inspire families to participate in interactive and passive learning activities.


Welcome Desk: 

Inviting, centrally located Adult Reference/Circulation desk to give patrons easy access for help with the public-use computer areas, research and reference questions, and study room reservations. 


$10,000+ [9 Available]


Entryway Book Display ($10,000): (no longer available)

An eye-catching array of new books will enhance the entryway and promote sustained interest in readership and learning.


Coffee & Tea Station ($10,000)(no longer available) 

Coffee shop allure is added to the Library’s existing fireplace seating area, inducing patrons to linger, gather with friends, and participate in book-group discussions.

Laptop Bar ($20,000)(no longer available) 

A convenient space to pull up a chair, plug-in, and connect to free, library-provided Internet for school and work projects. 

Makerspace ($50,000):


A multi-use area accommodates craft sessions and classes as well as high-tech programs such as digital printing and robotics for children, teens, and adults.


Recording Booth ($15,000)(no longer available)

Sound recording booth that will enable students to complete tech assignments, create digital content, develop presentations, and participate in online meetings and interviews.


Study Rooms ($25,000/ea) [4 Available]: 

Two-to-six person study rooms offer privacy for small group meetings. Adults can use the study rooms during the day for meetings, quiet study, online learning, and gig-economy work, while teens can have a safe space for afterschool and evening gatherings, independent study, and group work.

To reserve a naming opportunity at HPLCC, please either make a Donation, or fill out our Contact Form by clicking here. You can also contact the Highwood Public Library Director Carmen Patlan at (847) 432-5404 or