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Naming Opportunities

The Campaign for Literacy and Transformation will reimagine the Highwood Public Library as the Highwood Library & Community Center (HLCC) to function as an innovative and collaborative community anchor. In addition to being able to offer state-of-the-art library services, the HLCC will sustain an inclusive and empowered community with a space to realize their aspirations and achieve their literacy goals. 

To leave a lasting legacy on our library, we are offering the following list of available naming opportunities. Your pledge to support our mission will empower and embrace a community in a sustainable and transformative way

$250,000 [1 Available]

Community Room: 

A dynamic and flexible gathering space for community organizations and groups to host educational, civic, cultural, and public information events. Large groups of up to 140 people can be accommodated with a variety of custom room set-ups and presentation-ready tech. This space will be the heart of the library and its community. 

$100,000 [1 Available]

Experiential Learning Center: 

An interactive and engaging space that invites and excites our youngest visitors through experiential learning and play. Holistic educational activities will be readily available in
order to build a solid and broad foundation for a love of reading and lifelong learning.

$75,000 [1 Available]


A spacious patio for relaxed outdoor lounging and innovative programming, including concerts, open-air storytimes, and outdoor games. 

$50,000 [2 Available]

Adult Computer Lab: 

Computer classroom, seating eight learners at individual workstations, allowing patrons to participate in digital literacy classes, group training, robotics, and other technology programs. 

Young Adult Makerspace/STEM Lab:


This multi-use area will promote hands-on, collaborative and exploratory learning. Students
will engage in activities such as digital printing, coding and robotics that allow them to further

build technology, science, math, and engineering skills.


$25,000 [2 Available]


Study Rooms ($25,000/ea) [2 Available]: 

Two-to-six person study rooms offer privacy for small group meetings. Adults can use the study rooms during the day for meetings, quiet study, online learning, and gig-economy work, while teens can have a safe space for afterschool and evening gatherings, independent study, and group work.

To reserve a naming opportunity at HLCC, please either make a Donation, or fill out our Contact Form by clicking here. You can also contact the HLCC Director Carmen Patlan at (847) 432-5404 or

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